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Congratulations to Nandita Bal

Congratulations to Nandita Bal for recently graduating from Northeastern University with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering! Best of luck to her as she pursues a career in project management and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to Ian Harding

Ian Harding is always busy with his research and other professional activities. As a result, he has had many accomplishments this semester. Examples include an excellent BMES presentation. Ian also lead our lab’s co-authorship of a prestigious PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) publication with the Laboratory […]

Congratulations to Alina Nersesyan

Congratulating Alina on a successful oral defense of her MS thesis research!! Alina has 2 peer reviewed publications as co-author, and 1 more in progress as a second-author with substantial contributions to the work. Alina has also contributed significantly to a number of other projects in the lab. It has been our pleasure to work with Alina, and we congratulate […]